watson glaser test

Watson Glaser Test

This practice package will help you prepare for the Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test. All exercises are based on the questions that are used in the assessments of the major assessment companies.

Step 1: Practice an assessment without time pressure

We recommend that you first take a test without time pressure, where you immediately see the explanation after answering each question. In this way you can first calmly see what kind of questions occur and how to solve them.

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Step 2: Learn how to recognize and solve the most used patterns in number sequences

The Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test assesses your skills in reading, analyzing and interpreting text.

Critical thinking can be defined as 'the ability to consider a range of information derived from many different sources, to process this information in a creative and logical manner, challenging it, analysing it and arriving at considered conclusions which can be defended and justified’ (Moon, 2008).

Critical thinking skills include the ability to structure sound, solid argumentation, analyze available information, and make assumptions and inferences. Critical thinking is also about being able to evaluate available information and draw correct conclusions.

By far the most common form of critical thinking test is the Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal (W-GCTA) published by TalentLens. You can visit their official site here: Watson Glaser. You will see that the questions in the practice package below correspond very well with the practice questions available at TalentLens.

The test consists of 5 parts. By first studying the components separately, you will ultimately score better on your assessment. All lessons contain a short explanation, three detailed example assignments and 3 exercises.

Step 3: practice at least three assessments with time pressure.

We recommend that you do at least 3 practice sets with time pressure. At the end of each exercise set, we indicate how your score relates to the norm group and whether you need to work faster or more precisely to get the highest possible score on your assessment. This way you know exactly when you are optimally prepared.

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Step 4: Evaluate the results of your practice assessments.

View the results of the assessments you have completed to determine whether you are optimally prepared for the Watson Glaser Test. By clicking on an assessment, you will see more detailed results with personalized advice based on your results compared to the reference group.