Watson Glaser 1: To Recognise Assumptions

Watson Glaser 1: To recognise assumptions

For questions about recognizing assumptions, you will often see a shorter text, in which you must indicate whether a certain assumption has been made. An assumption is made when the text can realistically only be true if the assumption is assumed to be true.

It is unwise to take that route if you cannot swim well.

There is water somewhere along the route

Clearly the assumption has been made. There is no realistic other explanation as to why it would be unwise to take the route if you cannot swim. It is of course possible that there is a wizard along the route who does not like people who cannot swim, but this is not very realistic.

Unlike most other parts of the Watson Glaser test, you should not base your answer purely on the text. You are expected to value the information provided and to reason logically whether the assumption has been made. Always ask yourself "can the text fragment be realistically true if the assumption is not true?".

We work out three examples and then you can do three practice exercises that deal with the component recognizing assumptions.