Watson Glaser 5: Information

Watson Glaser 5: Information

Questions consist of an informative text. You will then be presented with an interpretation of the text. You must indicate whether this interpretation is correct. You have two options: "conclusion follows" or "conclusion does not follow". You should base our answer only on the information in the text and assume the text to be true.

Darwin taught us that the traits of living things evolved throughout history, evolving through natural selection. If so, we would be a modified version of our distant ancestors, resembling our closest relatives, the chimpanzees, rather than "lower" animals. Language and morality would then have a long history.

Chimpanzees are not lower animals

True. A contrast is made between chimpanzees and lower animals, from which it can be deduced that chimpanzees are not lower animals.

We work out three examples and then you can do three practice exercises.