inductive reasoning

Practice inductive reasoning

This practice package will help you prepare for inductive reasoning. All exercises are based on the questions that are used in the assessments of the major assessment companies.

Step 1: Practice an assessment without time pressure

We recommend that you first take a test without time pressure, where you will see the explanation after answering each question. This way you can first see what kinds of questions occur and how to solve them.

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Step 2: Learn how to recognize and solve the most used patterns in inductive reasoning

There are different types of patterns that are often used for inductive reasoning. By studying the explanations and example exercises of the different patterns, you will recognize the patterns more easily, work faster and make fewer mistakes.

Step 3: Practice at least three assessments with time pressure.

We recommend doing at least 3 exercise sets with time pressure. At the end of each exercise set, we indicate how your score relates to the norm group and whether you need to work faster or more accurately to get the highest possible score on your assessment. This way you know exactly when you are optimally prepared.

Step 4: Evaluate the results of your practice assessments

Eveluate your results to see if you are optimally prepared for your assessment. By clicking the individual results, you will get a more detailed report of your results with personal advice.