Watson Glaser 3: Deductions

Watson Glaser 3: Deduction

A text and a conclusion are presented. You must indicate whether the conclusion follows logically from the text, or whether the conclusion does not follow logically from the text. You have to base your anser only on the information in the text and you have to assume that the text is true.

There are people who prefer not to have their private data online. Other people don't care. There are people who are not aware that their private data is online.

There are people who deliberately have their private data online.

The conclusion does not follow. It is merely stated that some people are not aware of it. This does not lead to the conclusion that other people are aware of it.

If you are having difficulty with this section, it may be very helpful to review the syllogisms section and complete some practice exercises.

We work out three examples and then you can do three practice problems.