Terms Of Service

Article 1 Scope

If you make use of or place an order on Assess.ly or one of the other sites that belong to the legal and economic property of Assessly B.V. (Assessly), these general terms and conditions apply to the agreement.

Article 2 orders

An order has been successfully placed when the customer has completed or made the entire ordering process by clicking on the buttons on the website. Assessly reserves the right to cancel orders without justification if delivery proves impossible. It is also possible that Assessly attaches another condition to an order. The customer will be informed of this within a reasonable period of time.

Article 2 Fair usage

After completing the order, the customer has full access to all the questions and explanations, as long as the usage qualifies as fair usage and the account is not shared with others.

Article 4 Access

Assessly delivers the explanations of the exercises directly to the customer. After going through the ordering process, the customer can immediately access the explanations in the practice environment. The customer has access to the tests for a defined period of up to 60 days. After the expiry of this period, the customer must place an order again to access the website.

Article 5 reflection period

By agreeing to our general terms and conditions, the customer indicates that the digital products must be delivered immediately. The system of Assessly gives direct access to the digital products after a successful payment. The customer also agrees to waive the right to the statutory reflection period. Assessly only gives refunds if the explanations have not been accessed.

Article 6 Price

The prices for the products are indicated on the website and are sent to the customer in the invoice. Assessly has the right to change prices on the website without justification or prior notice.

Article 7 content of websites

Assessly is not liable for the content of the text of the websites. We take great care in compiling the tests and information. Given the complexity of the composition of the tests, the user agrees with the purchase that tests may contain possible inaccuracies. Assessly will revise the relevant tests within 7 days in case of possible inaccuracies. In addition, we reserve the right to change texts and information on the websites without notice.

Article 8 copyright

All rights reserved. Nothing from our websites may be reproduced and / or made public via the internet, by means of print, photocopy, microfilm or in any other way without the prior written permission of Assessly in Amsterdam.

Article 9 terms of use

This website is intended for personal (private) and non-commercial purposes. The user is not authorized to commercially exploit any information obtained through this website in any way and in any form without written permission.

Article 10 forum choice

All agreements of Assessly are governed by Dutch law.