Number Series Explanation 5 - Exceptions

Example 2: * or / previous number

The next number is found by dividing the two previous numbers. For example:


The answer is: 3 / (½) = 3 * 2 = 6.

This pattern can also occur in the variation where the 1st number is divided by the 2nd number to find the 3rd number:


The answer is: 288 / (1/24) = 288 * 24 = 6912

This pattern can also occur with multiplication


The answer is: 27 * 243 = 6561

Tip: In principle, a division pattern with previous numbers in the series cannot apply if there are no fractions in the series.

Tip: A pattern in which previous numbers are multiplied increases very exponentially. The last number will be of a completely different order than the first number.