Number Series Explanation 3 - Alternating Pattern

Number Sequences Explanation - Alternating Pattern

With these types of patterns you will often have no idea what is happening with the numbers in the series. It is important to neatly write down the most logical arches. When a number gets bigger, you have to check for multiplication or addition in that step. If a number becomes smaller, you check whether it is a subtraction or division. For example:


from number 1 to number 2, both -2 and / 2 are possible. From number 2 to number 3 both * 3 and +4 are possible. From number 3 to number 4 realistically only -2 is possible. From number 3 to number 4 both +8 and * 3 are possible.


There are many more different possibilities of alternating patterns, but they are all based on the same principle. Especially look for this pattern if the differences between the numbers are changing every step.

We will first work out 3 examples and show you how to draw the arches. Then you can do 3 practice exercises yourself.