Word Problems Practice

Tests for numerical insight are very common during assessments. Word problems are an important part of the numerical insight tests. The exercises in the word problems section always consist of one or more questions about a text with numerical information.

Word problems test basic math skills (multiplication, division, addition, subtraction and percentage changes). But because the exercise is ‘hidden’ in a text, verbal reasoning is also tested in these kind of problems. It is important to filter out the important information from the text as quickly as possible, because often more information is provided than is necessary to calculate the correct answer.

For some people it has been a while since the last math exercises in school. We have made an overview of the most common word problems and the calculation rules that must be applied. It can be useful to read this explanation carefully before you start practicing!

The use of a calculator and paper is allowed. All tests consist of 10 questions

Read the explanation of word problems